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Key Industries - Health Care

Plano Data

A trusted business partner of medical facilities for nearly 20 years, Plano Data understands the demands and issues related with the medical records lifecycle. Industry professionals strive for a balance between legacy hardcopy records and electronic medical records (EMR) technology, all while ensuring HIPPA compliance and rapid response to patient care. Managing those processes is where Plano Data can be a vital resource.

Utilizing our on-line records management system, Plano Data can create an inventory at the file or document level that allows our clients’ instant access to their records, reducing duplication and effort for the medical facility staff.

While filing medical records by such methods as terminal digit sequence has space-saving advantages to other methods, the disadvantage of eventually organizing the same records by last service date and date of birth for retention purposes can become a time and space issue for most facilities. Whether the need is simply purging and sorting medical records by retention, creating inventories capturing vital meta-data, or image-on-demand request response, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the solution.

Additionally, if you are storing your patient charts in self-storage, Plano Data can save your office time and expense by organizing the records and eliminating your need for self-storage units. We can assist in the disposal of any decommissioned medical equipment as part of the solution as well.

Through strategic partnerships, Plano Data can provide secure, environmentally sensitive destruction of medical records, radiology films, and back-up tapes as they meet their retention requirements.