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Key Industries - Oil and Gas

Plano Data

Our roots are in the oil and gas industry, thus the oil drop in our logo. The founding partners of Plano Data and the majority of our staff worked in the industry and therefore understand the data types, terminology, and needs of industry professionals.

Whether a client requests geological and geophysical data indexed, large format scanning, or core storage, Plano Data has the knowledge and experience to exceed expectations.

Through collaboration with an in-house strategic partner, we offer our oil and gas clients the services of digitizing and migration of their G&G data, reducing processing time and eliminating logistics issues for our clients’ irreplaceable data. The original data never departs our secure and climate controlled facility and the output can be delivered electronically in most cases.

Plano Data can safely store and service all your vital business records – from G&G data or leases and contracts, to human resources and accounting records – offering a single repository for all your company records.

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